No 11 (2008)

control 2

Table of Contents


Control and Intellectual Property
Robin Day


Can We Trust Our Ground Control?
George Petelin
The Equivocal Definition of Indigeneity and Ambivalent Government Policy toward Self-Determination in New Zealand’s Health and Foreign Policy Apparatus
David Roach, Andrea Eagan
"Little Asylums Amid Chaos"
Lyn Plummer
Governing Obese Bodies in a Control Society
Pirkko Markula
Roberta Feins
"Real Lives 2004": The Devil You Know
Patrick Crogan
"Exercises in Control"
Deborah Crowe
"The Pink Carpet"
Scott Wiggerman
In the Moment of Breaking
Nhu Tien Lu
"The Golem's Soul"
JD Smith
Like Girls: A Story
Ruthann Robson


Michael G Martin The Monster At The End of The Book: A Review of Barbara Gowdy’s "Helpless" (New York: Picador, 2007)
Michael G Martin
"The Ministry of Truth: Kim Jong Il’s North Korea" by Christian Kracht, Eva Munz and Lukas Nikol: Meditations on Control and Photography (Los Angeles: Feral House, 2007)
Max Oettli


Colophon: Junctures, Issue 11:control#2