No 17 (2016)


The concept of “Space” is, of course, multivalent. It relates to “outer space,” the cosmos, as well as inner space, such as the space of the mind or the space made vacant by decaying cells. It also covers the perceived space/distance between objects, as well as the space in time between one event, or process, and another. Space is also a cultural concept. There is also the space of social interaction, as well as the mapping of space in all these spatial and time related concepts. In the related Art and Space Project (from the Art and Science series) “Space” opened up a whole range of possible ways in which art and science could and would interconnect and interact also.

Table of Contents


Peter Stupples


XY Domain: An Interactive Audio-Visual Map
Charlotte Parallel, Tony Moore
Hippocampal Astrolabe: Navigating Places in the Mind
Emily Brain, David Bilkey
Taonga Tū Pūoro: Standing Waves in Space
Jesse-James Rehu Pickery
The Four Pillars: #space #form #tribal #flow #waveforms
James Bellaney
Heramaahina Eketone
Recipe for a Star: The Interstellar Medium and the Supernova Feedback Loop
Christine Keller, Pam McKinlay, David Hutchinson
There’s a (black) hole in my bucket dear e-LISA: Experiments in Search of the Perfect G-wave in the Woven Universe
Pam McKinlay, Terence Scott, David Hutchinson
Cryopreservation: A Means to Store Plant Germplasm in a Small Space for a Long Time
David Burritt
Sarah McKay, Christina Hulbe
Exhibition Installation: Art and Space Project 2016 Exhibition
Art and Space Exhibition
Art in the Contemporary Pacific
Susan Cochrane
Jewellery And Hybridity: On Human Nature And The Future Of Jewellery
Pravu Mazumdar


Review: w ā n a k a…learning in the dark p a i n t i n g s & s o u n d, by Moana Tipa and Marahia Te Kahika (Dunedin School of Art Gallery, November 2016).
Simon Kaan
Review: Let me know by next week (Blue Oyster, 2016)
Robyn Maree Pickens


Art and Space: Colophon