In Press: Issue 20 (2019) - Indigenisation


Junctures: The Journal of Thematic Dialogue invites submissions from authors on the theme of Indigenisation, whether from the hard sciences, humanities, visual, sonic and performing arts, social sciences, law, education or medicine.

Kia Tu Ki te Tahi. 

When we stand, we stand as one.

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Welcome to Junctures


Junctures is a multi-disciplinary academic journal which provides a forum for trans-disciplinary discussion, analysis and critique.  Junctures aims to engage discussion across boundaries, whether these are disciplinary, geographic, cultural, social or economic. Each issue of Junctures is organised as a site of encounter around a one word theme. This allows us to highlight the resonances and disturbances of dialogue. With New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region as a backdrop, but not its only stage, Junctures seeks to address the matters which concern us all as we negotiate the contemporary environment.

Junctures is fully double-blind peer reviewed by an international team of editorial advisors; and currently catalogued on the Ulrichs Periodicals directory, Thomson Reuters, and in the EBSCO databases; Academic OneFile, Literature Resource Center and Expanded Academic.  

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