Art, Science and the Viewing Public: Illuminating Observations from “Art and Light” Viewers

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Dr Ruth Napper
Jenny Rock


“Art and Light” was the third iteration of the art and science collaborations between the Dunedin School of Art and the University of Otago. Both informal and formal evaluation has shown that these collaborations work well for the scientists and the artists involved, with both parties experiencing mutual stimulation (see Scope: Art and Design 9, November, 2014, 142-151). But what impact do these collaborative projects have on the viewing public?

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Dr Ruth Napper, University of Otago

Ruth Napper, BSc(Hons), PhD (Otago), works in the Department of Anatomy at the University of Otago and is a researcher in the university’s Brain Health Research Centre. She is investigating the role of binge-like exposure to alcohol during fetal development in acute and long-term changes in
the structure and function of the brain.

Jenny Rock, University of Otago

Jenny Rock is a biologist, artist and lecturer in Science and Society at the Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago. Her interests include the aesthetics of science, visual/sensory cognition, co-creation and art-as-hypothesis.