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Amy Dowdle
Jo St Baker

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Amy Dowdle

Amy Dowdle: The topic of my PhD is developmental genetics; specifically, I aim to gain novel insights
into genome activation from studying nuclear structure. I hypothesise that formation of a threedimensional,
transcriptionally competent genome is the trigger for genome activation following conception of a zygote. This project requires imaging zebrafish embryos at various stages to map the changes in nuclear structure, in conjunction with a HiC experiment to capture interactions occurring throughout early development.

Jo St Baker

Previously of Dunedin, currently based in Brisbane, Australia, painter and multi-disciplinary artist Jo
St Baker is working on projects that blur the boundaries of multiple art genres. Along with her busy
arts practice, she is director and curator of the studio + venue creative art space, Mon Komo Hotel, Redcliffe. Jo’s sculptural work The Sandmen is a  finalist in the touring Queensland Regional Art Award
and she is currently back in New Zealand for a two-month residency at the Dunedin School of Art.