Sinclair Wetlands: A case study of practice-led research in community projects


Report from the Art+Water, art and science project 2019.

This paper documents two community art projects with Glen Reilly, kaitiaki for Sinclair Wetlands. It has two parts: research undertaken for the Sinclair Wetlands projects and a reflection on practiceled research as a methodology based on Sinclair Wetlands as the research topic. The Create Art and Plant Trees project was an area of investigation during my postgraduate study in 2019 to frame my research around human emotions within the natural environment. A second project for the “Art+Water: Mountains to the Sea” exhibition was a community-engaged art project, designed to foster collaborations and positive emotions between artists and the community. The framework consisted of a research topic supported with interdisciplinary theories, practice-led research methodology and studio practice. This paper demonstrates how practice-led projects influenced my postgraduate research and reflects on this learning experience from both academic and community perspectives.

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