Na Te Po, ko Te Ao
From Eternity, came the universe
Tana ko Te Ao Marama
Then came the clear light
Tana ko Te Ao Turoa
Then came the enduring light
Tana ko Te Kore Te Whiwhia
Then the void unattainable
Tana ko Te Kore Te Rawea
Then the void intangible
Tana ko Te Kore Te Tamaua
Then the void unstable
Tana ko Te Kore Te Matua
Then the void that allowed for existence
Tana ko Maku
Then came moisture

The incantation above, from the indigenous peoples of Southern New Zealand, shows the creation of water as the progenitor for all life. It is an essential part of life, requiring careful management to maintain its quality, quantity and accessibility. We are all charged with its preservation and protection for the benefit and survival of ourselves and all living beings we share this planet with.

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