Portals, Parallel Realities and Transdisciplinary Place Practice

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Maggie Buxton


This article is a portal to my place-based, transdisciplinary practice. In the first section, I argue that adopting a transdisciplinary stance, as I define it, is one way to find solutions to today’s complex issues. Later, I provide examples of my practice, interweaving emerging technology, community development and creativity to support the spirit and spirits of place. Throughout this article, I take a personal, reflective and autoethnographic approach.

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Maggie Buxton

Dr Maggie Buxton is a transdisciplinary practitioner, educator, writer and consultant with an extensive track record in place-based interarts practice and particular expertise (including a PhD) focused on emerging technologies and the spirit of place. For detailed information, see www.maggiebuxton.com or her creative innovation company site, https://awhiworld.com/.