Transdisciplinarity in the Dunedin Art+Science Project

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Pam McKinlay


In confronting the realities of the global climate crisis, it seems as if we are living in a narrow window of “useful consciousness.” Responding to and tackling the existential threat of the climate crisis requires transdisciplinary methodologies and cooperation. A series of multidiscipline art and science collaborations in Dunedin, New Zealand, focuses a lens on rapidly changing ecological and social effects as human activity encroaches on our planetary boundaries. Our approach allows for processing of the scientific data in bite-sized, digestible chunks and provides a means for storytelling through visual texts and narrative spaces – a methodology essential to connecting with community values and finding solutions to climate anxieties.

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Pam McKinlay, Otago Polytechnic, Te Pūkenga

Pam McKinlay has work and research histories in applied science, art and publishing. Her arts practice is concerned with the transference of ideas and knowledge – the process and practice of making and the process and practice of making available to the public. She has been the artist–curator of the Art+Science project since 2018.