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Anne Fisher-Wirth
Ellen Goldstein
Ann Hostetler
D'Arcy Randall
Rosemary Starace
Lesley Wheeler

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Author Biographies

Anne Fisher-Wirth, University of Mississippi

Ann Fisher-Wirth’s third book of poems, Carta Marina, will be published in 2009. She teaches at the University of Mississippi.

Ellen Goldstein, Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts

Ellen Goldstein’s poems have appeared in Poetry Southeast, StorySouth, The Formalist,
and Lilith (forthcoming). She lives in Massachusetts, United States.

Ann Hostetler, Goshen College, Indiana

Ann Hostetler is the author of Empty Room with Light and the editor of A Cappella: Mennonite Voices in Poetry. She teaches at Goshen College in Indiana, United States.

D'Arcy Randall, University of Texas, Austin

D’Arcy Randall co-founded Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review and teaches at the University of Texas at Austin. Before moving to Texas, she worked as fiction editor for the University of Queensland Press in Australia.

Rosemary Starace, The New York Feminist Art Institute

Rosemary Starace is a poet and visual artist living in Massachusetts, United States. She apprenticed in feminist collaboration and process at The New York Feminist Art Institute in the early 1980s. See her writing and art at rosemarystarace.com

Lesley Wheeler, Washington and Lee University, Virginia

Lesley Wheeler is the author of Scholarship Girl and Voicing American Poetry: Sound and Performance from the 1920s to the Present. She teaches at Washington and Lee University in Virginia, United States.