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Call for Papers : Issue 22 (2021) Food


Junctures: The Journal of Thematic Dialogue invites submissions on the theme “food.” 

Nau mai e ka hua e hora nei.
Here are the fruits laid out before us.
This is an opening line of a karakia, an incantation that acknowledges food, the places it comes from and the role it plays in communities. 

Networks of food organisations stemming from the slow food movement work to achieve access to good, clean, and fair food for everyone. They call for the preservation of plant varieties and animal breeds and strengthen local culinary cultures by bringing together food producers, consumers, and educators to improve the food system.

Junctures invites submissions from authors on the theme of food, whether from the hard sciences, humanities, visual, social sciences, law, education or medicine. Junctures encourages discussion across boundaries, whether these are disciplinary, geographic, cultural, social or economic.

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Published: Issue 21 (2020) Water

Junctures: The Journal of Thematic Dialogue invites submissions on the theme “water.” Water is more than a precious commodity that requires careful management to maintain its quality, quantity and accessibility. We are all charged with its preservation and protection for the benefit and survival of ourselves and all living beings we share this planet with. The world’s freshwater resources are increasingly the subject of conflict between parties with vested interests and those advocating for biodiversity and protection of shrinking habitats.  
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No 21 (2020): water

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