No 1 (2003)


Table of Contents


Annemarie Jutel


Really Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Body: A Cultural Challenge
Peter N Stearns
Is Weight Loss the Answer?
Glenn A Gaesser
Race Tactics: The Racialised Athletic Body
Brendan Hokowhitu
Visions of Vice: History and Contemporary Fat Phobia
Annemarie Jutel
"A Ton of Flesh"
Ellen Goldstein
Hybrid Bodies: the Third Space – “Caribbean Elizabethan”
Di Halstead
Response to Nine Texts: De-constructing the Body
Gala Kirke
"Functioning Fake": Prosthetic Bodies
Ana Terry, Don Hunter


Review: Nina Mariette, "Painting Myself In" (Dunedin: University of Otago Press, 1997)
Bridie Lonie
Review: M Hargreaves & J Hawley, "Physiological Bases of Sports Performance" (Sydney: McGraw-Hill, 2002)
Adain Summerfield
Review: Jørn Hansen & Niels Kayser Nielsen, (eds), "Sports, Body and Health" (Odense, DK: Odense University Press, 2000)
Annemarie Jutel


Colophon: Junctures, Issue 1:body